After the death of Park Ki-dan (Lee Seung-cheol), camellia (Yoo Seung-ho) came out on TVN’s tree drama ‘memorist’ (played on the 25th) after the death of Park Ki-dan (Lee Seung-cheol).

The cooperation between Dongbaek and Han Seon-mi (Lee Se-young), who joined forces to resolve the Jangdori case, ended with half the success. In the live broadcast of the hearing, the incident came to the surface with the courageous remarks of the camellia who revealed the true identity of Jinbeom.

However, the two suffered from external pressure, as Park Ki-Dan, the heretic lord who was at the peak of money and power, was the real culprit. Most of all, the witness’s testimony was confused because the part disappeared as if it were cut out with a razor. 

Han Seon-mi told Lee Shin-woong (Cho Sung-ha), “It may not be the second superpower. “I will investigate the camellia.” Report the results of the investigation within three days. ”

Subsequently, Shin-woong Lee called Han Seon-mi separately and shared the reason for her checking the camellia. “Is it because I’m back? no. “For the organization.” The success of the camellia is the tragedy of the police. “What will happen to hundreds of thousands of cops if one of them solves everything?”

In response to this, Han Mi-mi responded, “I only catch the killer.” Lee Shin-woong handed over a file related to the camellia, saying, “It is a file that I have never given to anyone.”

As the doubts surrounding Park Ki-dan’s death deepened, the camellia searched for evidence with the eyes of a hawk so as not to miss any minor clues about another murder. The camellia went on an initial investigation with Gwantan (Go Chang-seok) and Se-hoon Oh (Jun Ji-on). “It is the same serial murder as Park Ki-dan,” the camellia told Han Seon-mi.

“We preclude prejudice. Focus on the scene, ”he advised the detectives. “We don’t coordinate,” said the camellia, saying, “We don’t cooperate.” He expected the rice cake from the number of questions on the newspaper left by the killer on the scene of the murder. The numbers refer to articles in a newspaper in the past. Camellia and Seonmi Han began to pursue the criminal in different ways.

Camellia visited a doctor who was the subject of an interview in a newspaper 20 years ago. He is now Alzheimer’s and has lost all his memory. The camellia asked the nurse to “tell me the contact information of your family,” but the personal information was unknown. So, holding the doctor’s hand, I began to read the past. Dr. Kim said, “Somi saw a terrible thing when her father was murdered. I trembled and memorized only the same prayers. ”

The camellia predicted, “Twenty years ago a girl had witnessed her father’s death through a keyhole.” At the same time, Han Seon-mi went to the house where the murder occurred and began looking for evidence.

Han Seon-mi, fearing here, memorized a spell, and was shocked by the fact that the young girl Dr. Alzheimer had consulted 20 years ago was revealed to be Seon-mi Han. ‘Memorist’ is a rhetoric that traces the mysterious ‘absolute evil’ serial killer of a nationally recognized super-powered detective camellia and super-elite profiler Han Seon-mi.

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