The arrest warrant for singer Victory, which is the peak of the investigation of Burning Sun Gate, has been rejected.

It is the judgment of the court that it is difficult to recognize suspicions such as arresting prostitution as grounds for redemption and there is room for controversy in business affairs.

We got the warrant of victory and glass holdings Mr. In – seok alone, but the number of prostitution service was much more than originally known.

Lee Ji-joo reports alone.

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Immediately after the arrest warrant was dismissed, the winner of the Poseun-ri was revealed outside the police station.

(“Do you really deny that you are prostitute yourself?”)
(“Do you deny any other charges?”)

Victim and partner The suspects applied to Mr. In-seok are prostitution, prostitution, and embezzlement. .

According to the arrest warrant obtained by reporters, brothel brokers were concentrated in 2015.

In December 2015, when the victory instructed the women to entertain Taiwan men, Yoo In-seok arrested two women and sent her to the broker for 3.6 million won.

A few days later, 9 Japanese investors came in. At that time, Yoo arrested prostitution.

At the time, the hotel fee of 37 million won was paid by YG corporate card.

From December 2015 until January of next year, police arrested 12 prostitutes only.

If you calculate it, it will reach 43 million won.

Yoo revealed that the money was used to transfer money to her grandmother’s account.

The prostitution service is provided through the entertainment facilities in Gangnam.

The winner of the singer and partner Yoo called the women every time she needed them through this shop in Gangnam.

The court did not accept that the allegations of embezzlement on the job were contentious.

They spent a total of 500 million won including the Burning Sun funds of 52 million won from September last year to January of this year to transfer the funds to the account of the separate corporation to which they belong, And the use of funds.

[Kim Kwang-sam / Lawyer]
“mission embezzled amount of turn become a sufficient reason for that may be true redemption is more than 500 million won. Is in part a legal dispute did use where ppaedolryeoseo money that is legally unclear …”

the police court But it is said that there is no pointed reversal card, and it is expected that the investigation will be disrupted in the future.

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