Zechskis, who greeted the MCs at the studio, was asked, “Do you have a group greeting?” “We didn’t have a group person,” Eun Ji asked “What kind of qualifiers would you like to add if you make a group person now?” Boomed.

Since then, Zekskis’ comeback process has been revealed through video. During the meeting, Kim Jae-deok told Eun Ji-won, “Hyung, Jae-Jin has something to say.” Lee Jae-jin and Eun Ji-won shook their heads in laughter.

The members had a time to fight Mike. “This is mine,” said the first to choose a microphone. When my brothers were sorry, they said, “You guys pick it up. I’ll do what’s left for you.”

The staff offered a strong man feeling and noir feeling under the opening, but Eun Jiwon said, “Noir itself is an old saying, isn’t it a gang these days?” The members pointed out, “It’s not like these days.” Eun-won asked, “Gangs are called gangs.

Kim Jae-duk said, “I only know poker,” and Eun Ji-won threw off those who responded, “This kind of poker sound.” At the same time, Eun Jiwon said, “I’m not bad running. I’ll greet you for a long time. Lee Jae-jin said, “Why haven’t we been there for a long time?” But Eun Ji-won responded, “I greeted everyone. Come to my concert.”

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