Jung Jae-young was in a crisis from the start by being attacked by drug organization. 

MBC’s “Man and Woman Season 2”, which was broadcast on March 3, showed the crisis of Baekbeom (Jung Jae-young). 

The victim of sexual harassment fell into a state of unconsciousness, and while the incident was turned into an attempted murder, Baekbeom claimed the victim ‘s self – harm. As a result, Epsol (Chung Yum-mi) and the prosecutors have given superiority to the perpetrators. 

In the meantime, Baekbeom went on a business trip for a suspected murder case. The body that Baekbum was under autopsy was abandoned with organs extracted. 

However, during the autopsy, the members of the team shut up and pointed a gun at the white man. They said, “Please cooperate with me because there is something to take out of this ship. I do not have time. 

Baekbeom blamed the boat without embarrassment and decided that there was no drug in it. “The third person is a traitor. I need to find him to find drugs, “he said. 

Baekbeom proceeded to autopsy another body. It’s a time-drag strategy. However, the members of the team have noticed it and attacked the castle. 

The protesters said, “Are you waiting for the police to come on time? I saw the eyes that were just making up my mind. ” 

The team members tried to feed the surname. “Get it. I’ll feed you. He can not eat a lot of meat today. If you do, do it right, “and swallowed the medicine. 

The fate of Baekbeul will surely come to a close. 

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