Lee Young-jin (Lee Yoon-won) and Kim Won-bong (Yoo Tae-won) were drawn to help out the motives of Yun Bong-gil (Lee Kang-min) in MBC weekend drama ‘

On this day, Lee Young-jin and Kim Won-bong visited Woong-seong (Kim Jae-rae) in front of Yun Bong-gil’s bombing at the anniversary ceremony.

After Kim Dae-jung, Kim Woo-sung’s help was needed to get Kim Ku (Yu-habuk) and other temporary government members out of the congregation.

Fukuda (Im Ji-hwan) and Matsuura (Hur Sung-tae) led the investigation team to Shanghai. Fukuda showed Matsuura the temporary government building of the Republic of Korea and informed them that consular officers were watching.

Matsuura immediately followed Lee Young-jin from the provisional government. Lee Young – jin noticed someone coming along. Fortunately, Kim Won-bong rescued Lee Young-jin. Kim Won-bong told Lee Young-jin that Fukuda and his family came to Shanghai.

Lee Young – jin told Kim Won – bong not to ask even if he was arrested. Lee expressed himself as a scratch on Hiroshi, saying that Hiroshi can not resist scratches. Kim Won-bong never said so.

Yoon Bong-gil was having a meal with Kim in front of him. Kim said that there is no one who can say anything even if he considers it now. Yoon Bong-gil said, “You should do it.” “Teacher, please fight a little more.

Yoon Bong-gil went to the venue safely and threw a lunch box with a bomb, shouting “Long live Korea”. Along with the explosion, major Japanese figures were killed in the field. He was successful and Yoon Bong-gil was arrested on the spot.

Fukuda asked the Japanese consulate to contact the French consulate for a request for cooperation in arresting Kim Gu and Lim Jung. Fukuda wanted to carry out an unapproved operation for the capture of Kim Gu and the capture of Lee Young-jin.

Lee Young Jin tried to get help from the French consulate, but the French consulate had already approved the operation of the Japanese consulate. Then Lee So Min (Lee Sun Jin) appeared and shot support Lee Young Jin.

Fukuda was guarding the front of the building with Kimgu. Lee Young Jin appeared together with Lee Min Jung. Fukuda was forced to send Lee Young-jin into the building because of the surrounding people.

Kim Won Bong and Lee Young Jin came out of the building to escape Kim Gu. Fukuda ‘s sniper rifle shot a gun toward. Fortunately, Kim Won-bong did not get Kim’s gun. Kim Nam-ok (Cho Bok-rae), who was in another building, shot a shot toward Fukuda’s sniper rifle.

Lee Young-jin shot his gun at Fukuda, while Kim Won-bong picked Kim in his car. Cha Chung-ming (Park Hana) chased Fukuda’s sniper rifle. However, when Fukuda appeared, the tea ceremony was in crisis.

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