Actor Lee Se-young, intellect we meet as a medical drama Doctor Room.

Lee Se – Young, the agency ‘s proprietor TPC, said on the afternoon of March 11, “Lee Se – young is receiving a proposal for the appearance of the SBS new drama’ Doctor ‘s room.

‘Doctor Room’ is a medical drama of pain medicine doctors. The intellect is in the state of being proposed and being reviewed by the genius doctor. Lee Se-young was offered as an anesthesiologist and resident.

“Doctor Room” is a new medical drama about doctors specializing in pain management. In a refreshing take on the genre, “Doctor Room” will portray the doctors’ search for the cause of their patients’ mysterious pain as a thrilling chase, almost like a detective hunting down the perpetrator behind an unsolved crime. The drama will also tackle the debate surrounding the controversial practice of euthanasia.

Lee Se Young has been offered the role of Kang Si Young, a legendary anesthesiologist who was always at the top of her class throughout medical school. The talented doctor inherited her skills from her cool-headed, rational mother, while she inherited her empathy, listening skills, and warm bedside manner from her father.

If you appear in the ‘Doctor Room’, you will be expected to meet intellectuals and smoke in the ‘Doctor Room’ following the TVN drama ‘The Man Who Became King’ among the first medical drama after his debut.

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