In the 5th TVN tree drama ‘memorist’ broadcasted on the 25th, the story of Dongbaek (Yoo Seung-ho) and Han Seon-mi (Lee Se-young) faced another serial murder.

On that day, Park Ki-dan, the killer of Jangdori murder, was found murdered. Witnesses did not remember the scenes of the murder and the criminal’s face as if they had been cut off with a shaving knife.

Han Seon-mi suspected this to be a psychic crime. The camellia then replied, “Is there another superpower like me?” And Han Seon-mi suspected the camellia as the culprit of the murder, saying, “Isn’t it stronger?

Subsequently, Han Seon-mi was reported to have reported that the camellia was in the house while Park Ki-dan was murdered. 

Han Seon-mi, who was pursuing the history of the camellia, visited the hospital where the camellia was hospitalized. And when I was hospitalized, I came across a CCTV that recorded an hour when the camellia disappeared, and found a mysterious picture drawn by the camellia in the staircase.

Meanwhile, the camellia had doubts about the paintings seen at the scene of the murderer of the Jangdori murderer, and the picture delivery man said, “I didn’t see my face. I came. ” Later, the camellia found another murder in the villa where the deliveryman took the painting.   

Next to the body, there was a newspaper written by the criminal. Camellia was found to be the number of newspapers published. And the article in the newspaper was a special interview by Dr. Nam, English. Accordingly, the camellia headed to the nursing home where Dr. Nam-Gyeong Nam is located. And the Camellia who remembered Dr. Nam’s memory explained, “I saw a sketch in the murder scene. There was a girl in the documentary.”

Afterwards, Dr. Nam-Gyeong said to himself, ‘The prayer of the guardian angel’. And the camellia realized that the picture the girl was drawing was a scene where she witnessed her father’s murder with a keyhole. Accordingly, the camellia urgently called Han Seon-mi, but she did not answer it and asked Han Seon-mi’s location and shouted “I’m in a trap.”

Meanwhile, Han Sun-mi, who suspected the killer had placed the picture upside down, headed back to the scene of the murder, where she found the bodies covered with plaster. And the bodies were erected in a manner reminiscent of the murder scene. Upon seeing this, Han Sun-mi memorized Dr. Nam’s memory and recalled the ‘spell of a guardian angel’ like a girl, and expressed extreme anxiety.

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