Actor Lee Jae-yong told the sick past that he was diagnosed with manic depression while he suffered the weight of the head of his family when he was poor.

Lee Jae-yong’s life story was revealed on TV Chosun ‘Life Saeng Dok My Way’ which aired on the 5th.

Jae-yong Lee lives alone in Seoul with his family in Busan. “I have lived with my family for over 20 years. My wife is a dancer who has to work outside. He leads a dance group and is a lot of activity. When he comes to Seoul, no one is around. “You have to adapt anew.”

“I think it’s better to build independence because I’m the poorest in terms of various conditions,” Lee explained.

At Lee Jae-yong’s house, various health books are eye-catching. Lee Jae-yong said, “I’m not feeling well. When filming Jumong in the past, he suffered a severe injury to his spine while riding a horse. “I started studying about the body because the center of the body shifted from the waist to the ankle and the knee.” Sunmoon University Graduate School of Integrated Medicine also attended a semester, but eventually quit because he had to perform acting together.

In the past, Jae-Yong Lee overcame the windbreak with his father’s responsibility. “I lived my life a bit. Because of being poor. Actor is not a stable job. That’s why I taught students for 13 years in academy for a living. The local station also served as a writer and reporter. ”

“It was not easy. After finishing the lecture, the time is quite late. If you talk a lot, you will be tired and hungry. Manic depression has come to try to hide a difficult situation. I went to a serious situation. It was very hard, ”he confessed.

Lee Jae-yong said, “One time I went to a mental hospital in Busan for a psychocode. I saw the living hell while seeing the patients being treated in the hospital. Many were sick because they were abandoned or betrayed by their closest family members. ‘If I am alienated into the world, I can be thrown away like that.’

“Depression has deepened as potential propensities have emerged outwards.” Fortunately, Jaeyong found comfort in himself by consoling herself through meditation.

Lee Jae-yong’s three sons were revealed on the day, while Lee Jae-yong was writing slang for the children. “When I was young, I was a tyrant. I lived when I was drunk, played, and poverty, so I was a rough father. ”

Then my second son raised me up. Lee Jae-yong said, “This friend is yelling and rebelling. I think that if I do something wrong momentarily, my child will be destroyed. It’s heartbreaking for parents. When I soothe the child, I wrote a horn without knowing it. From then on, the child was self-controlled. ”

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