SBS ‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’ was broadcast on the afternoon of 12th, I did not think Choi Hyun-mi will be a boxer. 

Since she played the accordion since she was six, her parents wanted her to play music. Eleven years old, I received a boxing offer, but didn’t have my parents’ permission, so I went to the boxing secretly with an accordion. Choi looked so cool that her peers were wearing boxing gloves, but she also thought I could do better. I came to Korea at 14 years old. 

Choi Hyun-mi thought that each house had a pool and a swimming place. Korea was so different from what I thought. She was so surprised at Korean curses. The idea of ​​starting boxing again was after curse. When she told her friend ‘Why would you be here in North Korea, why are you stingy’, she went home and saw her mother working at a Potato soup house. 

She had a long term to be a good boxer, and she had a moment like a movie. The decisive moment of her life was 18 years, four years after coming to Korea. I thought it would be over when I was a champion, but I was surprised that I had to work harder. The game was too hard after I was afraid to go up and take it away. After returning the 15-year championship belt, she lifted a weight and won the final match with a Japanese player on 2013 Liberation Day. 

The game on Wolmido was full of Japanese cheering squad and she thought she might retire for the first time. In the end, she won the referee’s match and won the championship. Choi Hyun-mi said that he had been relaxed since then. The game became her definitive shot. Choi is currently enjoying a lot more. This time, if he wins the title, he has declared that he will gain weight. 

It takes four years to adjust to one weight, she said. Defending the title to defend the title was harder than anything else. Boxing, an unpopular sport, asked her father to bow down for her who could not get promotions or spawns. To defend the world champion, he had to play a defensive fight every six months and return the belt if he couldn’t do it.

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