Lee Dong-wook, who dreamed of MC for a long time, made his wish through SBS ‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’.

‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’ is a solo talk show of Lee Dong-wook. Lee Dong Wook’s torque is also good.

However, Lee Dong-wook wants to talk on Wednesday at 10 o’clock. The 12-part talk show was aired up to eight times. In other words, more than two-thirds of the results have been reviewed.

◆ New talk show, unfortunate report card

The biggest advantage of ‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’ is that celebrities from various floors appear as guests. In addition to entertainers, Baduk Knight Lee Se-dol, politician Park Ji-won, and forensic professor Yoo Sung-ho professor appeared.

An official also pointed out that “not only well-known entertainers but also people from all walks of life are interested in the information, and the information they receive is considered to be a different benefit from traditional talk shows.”

However, compared to the amazing guest experience, ‘Dongwook wants to talk’ average viewer ratings of 3-4%. KBS 2TV’s TV drama ’99 Billion Women ‘ranked first in the same time period, and’ Lee Dong-wook wanted to talk ‘had a similar audience rating as MBC’s True Story Expedition.

There was a difference depending on the guest who appeared. The highest rating is once. It was the first broadcast, and Lee Dong-wook’s best friend appeared as a guest. The two-shots of two people watching again after tvN ‘Goblin’ were enough to catch the eye. In particular, sharing gathered the topic by showing off infinitely the entertainment.

The second highest viewership episode was broadcast on January 22, with a 4.2% rating. On this day, Yu Sung-ho, a professor familiar with ‘It wants to know’ appeared. As the culprit of the Mars serial murder case was revealed as Lee Chun-jae, interest in forensic science increased.

The third place was named 4 times on December 18 and 6 times on January 15 with 3.9% of the Thai record. In the fourth, Lee Se-dol and Kim Seo-hyung appeared in the sixth.

Also, the advantage of ‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’ is that it is ‘trendy’. It aims for an authentic English-style talk show, and the overall atmosphere is closer to the show. In addition, ‘News Literacy’, which poses as the title of the article, and ‘Flex’ Time, which shows its pride, is fresh.

◆ Lee Dong Wook progress is perfect

Lee Dong Wook’s progress is also well received. He is good at encouraging guests to tell their stories in a relaxed atmosphere. In fact, Lee Dong-wook’s progress and entertainment have already been recognized, but have been upgraded.

Lee Dong-wook previously played with Shin Dong-yeop as MC of SBS ‘Kang Heart’ from 2012 to 2013. He also appeared in Roommates from 2014 to 2015. He was eye-catching with leadership. Lee also acted as a national producer of Mnet ‘Produce X101’.

Lee Dong-wook pointed out that ‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’ is different from previous entertainment programs. In fact, Lee Dong-wook’s attachment to the talk show is said to be considerable.

Lee Dong Wook has a lot of discussions with the crew from the guest. Not only did they directly share their first guest share, but they also surprised the crew by showing that they worked hard to learn about the guest.

Like this, ‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’ is sad, but it is meaningful in that it is a traditional talk show that has been revived for a long time. Lee Dong-wook’s new appearance as a host was also discovered, and he is expected to be more active than his actor.

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