Group Super Junior Kyuhyun is back. As a result, it became a “Super Junior”. Super Junior means something different this year. What would Kyu Hyun think about Super Junior Integrity Activity?

Kyu-Hyun conducted an interview on the 14th in the SM Communication Center of Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the third single album, ‘Go to see you’.

Kyung-hyun said, “I can not believe that I returned to work after two years. I think I should go to work again tomorrow, “but” It was time to feel many things in two years. I am really happy to be back in business. ”

Kyuhyun, who served as a substitute for public service personnel, was canceled on July 7.

In particular, Super Junior was the last to be a member of Kang Hee Chung in 2010, with Kim Hee-cheol (2011), Lee Ji-ee (2012), Ye Sung (2013), Shindong Donghae Eunhyuk Choi Si Won (2015), Rye Wook (2016) and Kyu Hyun (2017). It was a military pole. Super Junior this year is special and meaningful.

“When I was serving in the military, I talked to members of Super Junior. The members are always waiting for me to come back. “It’s over when you come alone.” “Now Super Junior is perfect.” The members waited a lot for me and I was able to cheer me a lot. (Super Junior Complete) It took about 9 or 10 years, and all the members have finished their military service, so I hope you can look forward to the Super Junior Complete in this year. ”

Super Junior has been in the team for 15 years since debuting in 2005. Kyu-hyun emphasized “thanks to the members and fans.” “In fact, it was a group that was very sad. Activities have been long, and I have come to a lot of places. I was sick because there was a bad image, but I seem to have a rather friendly look, “he said,” Because there are a lot of members, I could continue with the name ‘Super Junior’ without space. The fans seem to have been able to wait while looking at other members without wearing rubbery backwards. I will also concentrate my efforts on Super Junior ‘s album and activities that will come out as much as that. ”

Kyu-hyun also watched the Super Junior concert during his military service. I watched Super Junior from the standpoint of the audience not the stage member.

“I thought this was the only chance I could see the performances of Super Junior members. So I guess I enjoyed it. (Laughter) Even without me, the members have been leading the performances in a pleasant and enjoyable way. I saw it good. It will remain a good memory. ”

hot Super Junior is popular abroad. There are many foreign fans in the scene, and it attracts attention. Kyu-hyun knew this too.

Kyung-hyun said, “My cell phone number seems to be spread among the fans. There are a lot of calls that are ridiculous. Nowadays, there are also calls from Iraq and Brazil. “It was amazing,” he said. “I knew I had a lot of Super Junior’s popularity in South America and I had a South American tour once. I was very surprised at the solidarity and enthusiasm of South American fans. It is likely that the performances and activities will continue in South America and the Arab countries. ”

Until the end, Kyu-hyun repeatedly stressed, “This year, Super Junior is concentrating on the whole, so I am concentrating a lot on Super Junior Integrative Activities.”

On the other hand, Kyu-Hyun’s “Going to see you” includes the title songs “Awolly” and “It is good” and “Go to see you”. It is released through various music sites at 12:00 pm on the 20th.

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