On the 59th and 60th episodes of MBC weekend drama ‘No Twice’, which was broadcast on the 15th, Na Ha-Jun (Kwak Dong-yeon) was portrayed as complicated by USB port left by Kang Jin-gu (Lee Seo-joon).

On that day, Na Ha-jun told Oh In-sook (Hwang Young-hee) that Jin Jin-gu left a USB containing the accounting data of the composition and asked him to surrender immediately and pay the price. Oh In-sook jumped in the beginning and asked for time if Na Ha-Jun offered USB to Gold Leaf (Park Se-wan) unless he embroidered it.

Na Ha-joon went to the car wash and watched Gold Foil working. Na Ha-joon was worried that his relationship with Gold Leaf would be distorted if the existence of USB was revealed.

Yang Geum-hee (Go Soo-hee) was diagnosed with a stage of dementia, which went from the early stage to the middle stage. Choi Man-ho (Jeong Seok-yong) asked the doctor what to do with the feeling that the sky would collapse.

The doctor explained that cure is impossible and it is best to slow the progression of dementia. Yang Geum-hee told Choi Man-ho that he had expected it and told him to throw it away. I worry that Choi will be hard. Choi was angry with how he saw himself and wept that he could never.

Poonggigi (Ojiho) and Bang Eunji (Yewon) were sorry to hear the news of Yang Geum-hee. The sensation period was unhappy even with Kim Woo-jae (Song Won-seok), whose marriage to Nahae (Bak A-in) was broken and his career became difficult.

Oh In-sook asked Na Ha-Jun to give him some time, and he asked Son Byeong-ki (Park Gun-rak) to go to Japan for a while. Oh In-sook said he would contact Son Byeong-gi when he was silent.

Na Wang-sam (Han Jin-hee) informed Do Do-hee (Park Jun-geum) and Oh In-sook that they will soon be married to Bang Eun-ji, and told them to separate. When Do Do-hee and Oh In-sook reacted, Dr. Eun-ji was intoxicated.

Bang Eun-ji and Do Do-hee and Oh In-sook to Nawangsam arranged all the wrong things they did.

Na Hae-joon said, “I’m sorry. I’m my mother’s son. I wasn’t chosen because I was born. I was my mother’s son.”

I wondered what the gold leaf means, and I was worried about Naha-Jun’s face and drinking too much.

Oh In-sook went to the front of the inn and asked the fan to bring the USB and laptop that Na Ha-Joon had. The fan felt that he would not harm his son, so he secretly stole the USB and laptop and gave it to Oh.

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