On the afternoon of the 19th, the cable channel MBC EveryOne, ‘Welcome to Korea for the first time,’ was decorated with Belgium.

Belgian broadcaster Julian, who appeared as a new host, predicted a different journey than ever before. He invited Korea’s four-year-old nephew Uriss and video director Maehyun Conrad, our godfather, actor and dramatist John John, and two assistant documentary directors Jurdang to Korea. “I didn’t have much time to spend with my nephew because I wasn’t living in Belgium,” said Julian, and showed a special affection for us.

After a long flight, the four of them arrived at the Korean airport at once, and then moved to buy tickets. John John, a tall 2m7cm tall man, proficiently bought a ticket and boarded the bus. Earlier, Conrad revealed the thoroughness of laying out a translation app in advance. He said, “I really want to communicate with Korean people. I have laid out an app to help with communication.”

John John did not take his eyes off us. While sleeping on the bus, we looked after so that we could rest comfortably, or, while moving, weeded the viewers with delicate touches, such as loosening a shawl and tying it to the waist. In particular, our lovely appearance disarmed the hearts of the MC Corps, including broadcasters Shin Ah-young and Dean Dean.

After arriving at the lodging, the four-persons ate meals with galbi-tang and dumplings, and then held a full-fledged meal at Seoul’s representative traditional and plaza markets. Four tasted the representative foods of Gwangjang Market, yukhoe, nausea kimbap, and nakjitangtangi, and fell in love with Korean culture.

The next destination was Jjimjilbang. Jurdang raised his expectations for the Korean steam room, saying, “It is a separate sauna for men and women, but there is a common area. It will be a special experience in Korea. Those who changed into comfortable clothes and appeared, enjoyed the Korean onsen experience and enjoyed the ondol experience as well as Sikhye. John John expressed his satisfaction by saying, “It was difficult to keep bending over the plane, but the jjimjilbang melted my body.” After that, the friends ended the day with Julian, tasting seasoned ribs.

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