Mnet announced that The Boyz ATEEZ Stray Kids will participate in’Kingdom’. The Boyz is a benefit given as a winning privilege of’Road to Kingdom’, the predecessor of’Kingdom’. Here,’Stage Master’ Stray Kids and’Stage Restaurant’ ATEEZ met. They announced their activities by decorating a joint stage at Mnet ‘2020 MAMA’ held on the 6th.

However, the gaze toward’Kingdom’ is not just fine.

First of all, the lineup other than the three teams is undecided. One official said, “If you are a completely newcomer like TOO of’Road to Kingdom’, you will go out unconditionally. But’Kingdom’ is not a rookie, but a group with a certain degree of debut year and recognition. In this case, it may be more profit than profit. Yes. Maybe the rankings may be bad and the morale of the members may be dampened. There is no reason to take such risks,” he said.

Mnet’s attitude to recruiting cast members is also a problem. The recruitment is conducted in a fairly high-pressure and coercive way, and the originality is self-confident.

An official said, “It’s like cover up and come out once, but the words are like threats to the outsourced place. If you don’t appear in XX, it’s a situation that it’s difficult to reject it because it’s an expression that it might damage the junior group of the same agency.”

Another official said, “Honestly, if’Road to Kingdom’ brought tremendous audience ratings and topicality, it might be considered. But it wasn’t popular than I thought.’Kingdom’ is not really different. But every week, there is a quality stage. It is very burdensome to have to put manpower, time, and money in order to extract it.”

The public gaze is also cold. Mnet’s image has already been greatly deteriorated due to the manipulation of the’Produce’ series. However, the main argument is whether there will be confidence that a similar survival audition is conducted.

However, it is getting a good response from fans. As Corona 19 made it impossible to perform except On Tact, each idol fandom is expressing expectations that they can see the appearance of new members through’Kingdom’. It is a good thing to stand on the’Kingdom’ stage in terms of being able to release talents and talents that could not be shown in terms of awareness and publicity, as the number of days on the stage due to Corona 19 has been overwhelmingly reduced from a singer’s perspective.

Anyway, reactions to’Kingdom’ were terribly mixed. It is noteworthy whether’Kingdom’ will be able to alleviate all early concerns.

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