In the first round of the day, the 2020 tough winner, who was defeated by Ghimnaeso in 2021, was selected as’Don’t Kick It’. The difficult mouse in 2020 without the mask was Wimicky Eli.

Particularly, when Eli debuted, the part was only 7 seconds. Regarding this, he said, “In fact, when you debut, you only have to digest your own part, so there are not many opportunities to sing euphemism. Even if I did the cover song, I only had one verse each, but I was very nervous because it was the first time I sang a long song.

Among them, Eli expressed his fan spirit, saying, “I like Eve, the girl of the month. I had overlapped activities, but when I watched the stage, I only saw Eve.”

Eve replied, “I gave the vote to Mr. Eli,” and “Eliya So-nim was big and took a lot of weight on the stage, but I only saw you on this stage.”

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