Actor Kim Young-chul mentioned the past when his ratings were cut in half because of the appearance of ‘Nine Age’, saying, “I still survived.”

Kim Young-cheol appeared on MBC ‘Radio Star,’ which was broadcast on the 5th, and released the behind the scenes of the birth of the buzzword ‘Sadala’, and ‘Behind’ who appeared more than 40 times in Kyo-ye’s role as ‘Taejo Wanggun’.

In the meantime, “the era of the ‘Yeon era’ was changed from Ahn Jae-mo to Kim Young-chul, the ratings were cut in half.”

He laughed, “But I only survived after all.”

Kim Young-cheol also unveiled the story that he insisted on the ‘Yeon era’ Lee environmental artist. He said, “I would not do it because I wanted to do middle age of Kim Doohan. I would do it when I was 18. I was 54 years old.” The sun caused a surprise.

“What did you try to do?”

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