In a phone call with OSEN on the 23rd, Kim Ye-ryeong expressed his feelings, “It is a pleasure and pleasure to have my family appear together.”

Kim Ye-ryeong appeared with daughter Kim Soo-hyun and son-in-law Yoon Seok-min under the theme of’the taste of the family’ in the TV Chosun entertainment program’The Taste of the Wife’ that aired on the 22nd. Although Kim Ye-ryeong’s mother and daughter have appeared in entertainment, this is the first time that her son-in-law Yoon Seok-min and grandson have appeared on a broadcast together.

On this day, in’The Taste of Wife’, Kim Ye-ryeong showed a friend or sister-like appearance with her daughter Kim Soo-hyun, and her son-in-law Yoon Seok-min attracted attention with a mother-son-like relationship. In particular, Kim Ye-ryeong surprised everyone when his daughter Kim Soo-hyun and son-in-law Yoon Seok-min actively encouraged dating, confessing that as a new boyfriend condition, it is absolutely impossible to be older than 15 years old.

Kim Ye-ryeong’s family’s appearance on’The Taste of Wife’ has been a hot topic even before the broadcast. Kim Ye-ryeong said, “It seems that many people are curious because they have mainly appeared in dramas and haven’t appeared in entertainment. In the case of the son-in-law Yoon Seok-min, it seems that many people are curious about how he is doing after retirement.

Then Kim Ye-ryeong said, “I did not draw a line saying that I would not disclose my family on the broadcast. I wanted the opportunity to arrive and have fun. However, I didn’t do a lot of entertainment, and my daughter tried to act, but it was a burden in that she showed up while getting married. However, recently appeared together in the’pill room’ and appeared in the’wife’s taste’. And since our mother and daughter are more like friends and sisters than mother-daughter, I think many people will be having fun.”

Kim Ye-ryeong’s son-in-law is Yoon Seok-min, a baseball player who played an active part in the KIA Tigers. After joining the KIA Tigers in 2005, Yoon Seok-min made a name for himself as a pitcher representing Korea. In 2014, he played for the American Major League Baltimore Orioles, and then returned to the KIA Tigers and retired in 2019.

Kim Ye-ryeong said, “Since my daughter said she was marrying Yoon Seok-min, there was no objection. I didn’t know much about baseball, but there was no reason to object to it, and it was good if the two were happy. Isn’t it the best thing to live happily and well?”

Kim Ye-ryeong said, “Suk-min Yoon, who is not a baseball player, is really like a son. He was a talented player, but he was sick, and in the process of retiring, he was regrettable because he was cursed a lot. He is manly, has a strong desire to fight, is kind, and has a lot of playfulness. The similar thing to me is that I hide a lot at first, but the more I get to know, the more sticky I have. It’s really a comfortable relationship, not a normal mother-in-law relationship. Honestly, I want to say,’You can call me mom,’ but that was polite again.”

Kim Ye-ryeong, who joined the’wife’s taste’ with her daughter and son-in-law, said, “My family does not hide anything, but rather talks about it as it is. It’s also a house where people live in a normal way, but I hope you can sympathize with them and look at them beautifully as you see everyday life. Many people are struggling with the corona these days, but I hope that our family’s daily life can provide a little warmth and brightness.”

On the other hand, TV Chosun’The Taste of Wife’ starring Kim Ye-ryeong’s family is aired every Tuesday at 10 pm. 

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