“Asdal Chronicle”

The new weekend TVN drama ‘Asdal Chronicles’, broadcasted first on June 1, describes the fateful stories of heroes who write different legends in the ancient land ‘As’.

Kim Ockbin emits charm by taking on Taeha Haa, the daughter of a shaman chief who has spread bronze technology from the far west in the Astral Chronicle, and the ‘politician of desire’ who longs for power. It is a smart, heart-warming person who has longed for power to escape from everything that plagues him in the play.

First, Kim Ok-bin is interested in the existence, meaning, dressing, tools, weapons, language, and the way of thinking of various gods who believe and serve in various tribes because the background is the age of appeal. We told feeling when we encountered script. Kim said, “It was a few days that I saw a script that created a world and characters that did not exist and made them into stories. It is a story that can not easily be imagined and made easily. I thought it was a drama that had to draw everything from nothing. ”

Above all, Kim had a time to learn about the character of Taeha through deep conversation with director Kim Won Suk. “It grows big in the pole of the thorn. I think I can control myself well, but I can not express my heart yet. I lean on love and believe in a person. “He said,” I had no choice but to sacrifice myself for the background of selfishness, “Said the direct reason for choosing Taiahaha.

Also, Kim said, “I am shooting a bee and it is hot like a fire. “I was concerned about the change of attitude because of the lack of attitude toward people,” he said. “I know that I can not push my heart to the head, but I can not push my chest,” Taeha explains.

In addition, Kim added, “I was interested in costumes, jewelry, hairstyles and everything I have not done before,” he added. “There were various tribes, so I had the fun to see who will be shot with today, which character I would have to meet and play,” he said. Lastly, Kim Yook – bin “raised the expectations of viewers, saying,” We will have fun with the struggles and colorful spectacles for the individuality, action and power of the various tribes.

The production crew said, “I was born as a charming person who sprang a strong and hot desire to meet with Kim Ock-bin.” “Please look forward to Kim Ok-bin, who will enthusiastically portray Tae-ha, who has a daughter-in-law and a leader.”

On the other hand, TVN’s new weekend drama ‘Asdal Chronicle’ will be broadcasted at 9:00 on Saturday night, June 1, following ‘confession’.

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