In the tvN music reunion ‘good song’ that aired on February 15, Kim Jong-jin talked about the memories with Jeon Tae-tae.

On this day’s broadcast, Kim Jong-jin in spring, summer, autumn and winter said, “I’m 59 years old musician Kim Jong-jin. I remembered my friendship and memories with my friends. ” Kim Jong-jin said, “The first time I met him was Christmas Eve. The guy with the curly hair and the sweater neatly sat alone and sipping coffee. When he was sitting, a guy like a nerd spent a lot of enthusiasm on the drums. ”

Kim Jong-jin continued, “He appeared on TV with his friend and went to the country to have a solo concert. One day his friend got off the boat for 30 years. I’m sorry I can’t be together anymore. I’ve been happy. Thank you. If you can, ask him to cheer you up. That way I can tell people in the harbor what they can’t see. ”

Kim Jong-jin said, “I think I’m with me. Still. 37 years, 38 years alone, I’m not alone, even on the stage, if you hear a drum sound, I think Tae Kwan-Ie playing. At first it was an angular stone. I think now, Tae-gwan was round from the beginning. “It’s been a year since he left.”

Kim Jong-jin also said, “I imagine singing and playing once again the day I flew like a bird and met my friend again. I hope you will also enjoy your life with your friends. ”

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