Lee Soo-jin (Kim Hae-jin) came to the house where Kwon Do-hoon (Gam Woo-sung) stayed, and gave him dinner in the JTBC drama ‘ Dowon said, “It is delicious, really delicious.” Then he asked, “How did you get here?” Sujin answered, “I just knew.” 

Dowon looked at Sujin’s face and said, “Yes.” When Sujin said, “I missed you,” Dodun asked me, “Sujin, how hard have I sent you?” Sujin tears and says nothing. 

After eating, Sujin, sitting at the bus stop alone, cheated on Dohun’s words and said, “Because I love you, I love you.” And then I ran to Doyun ‘s house again. 

In the meantime, Dowon had time to take medication, but I could not find the place where I had the medicine, and I was angry, and eventually I ran through the house and it fell down by taking a drug overdose and overdosing it. Susan found it and was taken to the emergency room.

Dhun was awakened but did not recognize the person for several days because of the aftereffect of excessive use of medication. 

Susan talked calmly to Dohun. “Do you remember Dohun ‘s name? Dohoon’ s name is Kwon Dohoon.” “I am the one who will protect Mr. Dohun for the time being.”

Sujin, who visited Doyun ‘s house to pick up the things to take care of in the hospital, poured tears on the second floor, seeing Aram’ s photos and gifts.

Joe Mi-Kyung (Park Hyo-joo) came to Sujin and said, “Do not mind it.” But Sujin said, “I have already set my mind, and I’ll be there.” Mi-Kyung said, “At first, I will endure to withstand it, one year and two years? Are you confident in your life for a long time? However, Sujin did not leave Dohoon.

Sujin took Aram and went to dohun. However, Dhoun did not recognize Aram and avoided his position. Dhunn came out of the hospital and put a flower on Aram’s bag and smiled a clear smile.

With the memory of Dahun still not returning, it is time to leave the hospital. When Choi Chan-suk (Lee Jun-hyuk) tried to do everything like before, Sujin said, “I will do everything in the future. 

Dedication to the nursing home. Sujin continued to tell Daughun his daughter, Aram. Sujin is leaving the nursing home late at night. Sujin said to the delegation, “I will not go, Mr. Dahun will be alone.” But the delegation said, “It will be more for the first time.

The next day Sujin also went to the nursing home and took care of his duties. 

Sujin’s mom realized that Su-jin was meeting Doshin. Sujin ‘s mother went to the hospital of Dohoon, but he was desperate to see the state of Dohoon. 

Sujin ‘s mother (nationally) pounded Sujin’ s cheek that returned late at night. Sujin ‘s mother shouted, “Bad years, you’re in the wrong.” Sujin said, “I was wrong.” “I do not think you should die,” he said, “I can not say that you are going to die, but you can not say that you can end up with me. Shouted. 

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