Actor Kim Go-eun reunions with Kim Eun-sook.

Eun-Sook Kim’s next film ‘The King: Eternity Monarch’ production company, An-Budd Pictures, said on May 20 that actor Kim Go-eun was cast.

As for “The King: Eternity Monarch” is a fantasy romance drama that transcends the Republic of Korea and the Korean Empire
, Kim Goo Eun is a Korean criminal, “Jeong Tae-eul” and a ” Luna ‘character with a challenge to one person two stations, “he said.

“It is not easy to play extreme characters called criminals and criminals,” said Kim Hwa-eun, who has been naturally acting as a sweetheart from the girl’s digestive power or ” I thought that if I had a wide range of acting skills, I could do a good job for two people, one for Jeong Tae Eul and one for Luna. ”

‘The King of Eternity’ is an emperor of the imperial empire who is trying to close the door of the dimension against the whispers of the devil against the backdrop of the ‘parallel world’ , A romance drama that is different from the other, which sometimes happens while doing harmony between these two worlds.

The King of Eternity: The King of Eternity, who confirmed the male and female characters early on, is scheduled to start filming in the second half of the year to enhance the perfection of the drama, In the first half of 2020, it will find an ambulance theater.

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