actor Kim, Dong – Hee (20) is urged to bonbang shooter while heralding the last meeting of the interesting dramas’ SKY Castle “by his appearance.

Kim Donghee talked about his work on the interview of Star News and JTBC drama “SKY Castle” on the afternoon of the 22nd.

He played the role of Seo Hyeon, the first wife of Seo Hye-na (Yun Se-ae) and Cha Min-hyeok (Kim Byeong-cheol) in the play, and boasted the appearance of high school students with pureness. “I did not know that I would get such a lot of love, thank you,” said Cha Seo-joon, the audience’s steady interest.

Kim Dong-hee was ashamed of his high interest in himself with the increase in ratings. I just said that it was amazing to see myself on TV. “I do not know how influential the audience is yet,” he said. “I think that the reaction is so good that it is” great. ”

JTBC gilt drama ‘SKY Castle’ Cha Seo Jun / Kim Dong-hee / Photo provision = JYP Entertainment, HB Entertainment, Drama House

He said that as the drama continues to grow in popularity, inquiries from friends and acquaintances are continuing. In particular, the question of the ending of ‘SKY Castle’, which is only ahead of the broadcast for the second time, has also increased. Recently spoilers such as script outflows have occurred through online communities and SNS. The secrets of Kim Hye-na (Kim Bo-ra) and the characters surrounding SKY Castle are attracting attention.

Kim Dong-hee said, “I’ve been asking a lot of friends and acquaintances about the development of the drama in the meantime, and I always said that” the script has not come out yet, “” I have not read the script yet, “and I was wondering. I could not. ”

He added, “We are asking a lot about the ending now, and I have read and read the script for the 19th and 20th times, so it was the most interesting of the scripts so far.

Kim Dong-hee, who was a new rookie but got a lot of attention after his debut as ‘SKY Castle’ for the second year. He announced plans to challenge various works and characters this year. I am looking forward to the day when he will be more interested in ‘actor Kim Dong Hee’ who is not planning his next film, ‘Seo Jun Lee’ of ‘SKY Castle’.

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