In recent years, his work has clearly marked his presence in every work he has made, and he has established himself as a ‘box office check.’

Kim debuted in 2003 with the film ‘Hwangsanbul’ (director Lee Jun-ik), and then starred in more than thirty films and dramas, but he could not make a living with his masterpieces. However, recent dramas such as “The Sun of the Dawn,” “Sean Shine,” “Goblin,” “SKY Castle,

Kim Byeong-cheol took 18 years to finish the cast. Having never been short of these times, Kim came to the acting with the idea of ​​doing the best he could.

“There are quite a few times that I have not been active in my work for 18 years. Of course, I was wondering how to actively work, and I thought about what to do in order to do so. It seems like time has passed since I’ve been concentrating on one by one, and I’ve been constantly contemplating what I can do rather than be difficult. “

Recently, actor Kim Byeong-cheol interviewed with MBN star.

To Kim Byung Chul, acting makes you think about the life you did not know about. It feels a great resonance in the shape of a changing life, and it becomes a driving force to continue the career of being an actor.

“I want to indirectly express and learn various aspects of the world where people live. It is because I want to change through such a process. When I play another person, I have to think about the life that I did not know, and it has a big influence on me. I think I will try to be more active, and I will continue acting. “

Nowadays Kim has a modifier called ‘Walker Holic’. It is a modifier attached to the fact that it has been running for ten days without rest. Kim Byeong-chul, who has mainly introduced the big-bang acting, confessed the frankness about romance genre challenge and love.

“I have never put off love in the back. (Laughter) I can not do it. Yun Se-aa, who has met her at SKY Castle, is a good colleague and friend. It is one of the actors who wants to work again because the sum is right. I want to perform various genres such as romance, melody, etc. I do not know if there are those who want to see it, but I want to express my love in our lives. “

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