Actor Kim A-joong decided to go to art MC for a long time.

According to a number of officials, Kim was cast as a fixed MC of JTBC new performing arts. The program, which Kim AJOONG will take over, is scheduled to be a joint MC with JTBC ‘Secret Planning Team’ (gossip) scheduled to be organized next month, along with HAYA Yusein.

Recently, Kim Hae-jung’s stylist, Han Hye-yeon, made a statement on the radio saying, “Kim A-jung is filming her art.” She was interested in what Kim A-joong would appear in. However, it is known that the ‘Secret Planning Group’ is an entertainment program in which ordinary people appear.

In this way, Kim AJeong will be performing as an entertainment MC in 13 years after KBS2 ‘Happy Together – Friends’. Kim A-jung has been showing 3Mc with Yoo Jae-seok and Tak Jae-hoon in ‘Happy Together-Friends’, a show that changed ‘Happy Together’ into a season 2 format in 2005. Kim A-jung, who was recognized as an MC at the time, received a lot of attention as an MC after taking on various awards. However, it is the first time since “Happy Together-Friends”

An official said, “Since I did not perform arts, I could not accept the proposal, but the program seems to have actively sent lovecalls and moved my mind.”

On the other hand, Kim AJeung has appeared in the movie “Bad Boys: The Movie”, which plans to release in the second half of this year, and has finished shooting.

Actor Kim Ah-joong takes on the progress of the new JTBC entertainment ‘show up to confess, secret task force ground’ (hereinafter ‘the secret task force’).

Kim Ai-joong’s agency King Entertainment said, “Kim A-joong will appear as the main MC for the ‘Secret Planning Department.’ I have been greeting you as an entertainment program MC for a long time, so I am preparing to show you a better picture. I want to be a special gift for the fans who have missed Kim Aj-jung in the entertainment program. ”

The program crew also said, “Kim Jae-jung has accepted the MC proposal after much trouble. I am glad that I can thank you for your hard decision. I think Kim Jae-joong’s bright energy will add a positive force to the program. ”

Kim Aajung, who has recently filmed the movie ‘Bad Boys: The Movie’, has been active in various fields since he participated in the narration on EBS ‘Documentary Line’ which was broadcast on the 9th, Especially, it is expected that Kim AJeong will return to the MC with about 14 years after KBS ‘Happy Together Friends’.

The precise broadcast format of JTBC ‘Secret Dept.,’ in which Kim A-Joong plays MC is not disclosed, and the broadcast date is also being discussed.

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