Will Gang Daniel’s solo comeback from Warner won?

NEW YORK, Jan 28 (AHN) – Kang Daniel’s company Connect Entertainment has hired an executive from Cube Entertainment.

Prior to this, Gang Daniel’s side began to recruit public relations personnel and to build up the company’s appearance. Recently, it was reported that the distributor meeting was also carried out regarding the album release.

However, Gang Daniel is on trial with his agency, LM Entertainment, due to suspension of exclusive contract. A situation where the lawsuit is not over yet and can not concentrate on activities and preparations.

Gang Daniel announced his solo comeback in July. I greeted my fans with greetings.

It is still hot to see how Daniel, who has a long gap after the demolition of Warner Bros., will show his one-man activity.

Daniel Kang Connect A Cube Entertainment Entertainment Founded officers were scouting for one person.

NEW YORK – NEW YORK (Reuters) – Connect Entertainment recently hired an executive from Cube Entertainment, He recently submitted resignations to Cube Entertainment, and his official job deadline is until mid-July.

The executive officer is a member of Cube Entertainment, but recently he went to Kang Daniel’s business with a distributor meeting with Kang Daniel.

Connect Entertainment has reportedly sent lovecalls to industry-savvy stakeholders for several months ahead of Gang Daniel’s solo debut.

Gang Daniel debuted solo at the end of July, with Kei Lim, CEO and lead producer of the hit song team Divine Channel, as the main producer.

Meanwhile, Gang Daniel is in a court battle over LM Entertainment’s suspension of exclusive contract. On the 26th, LM Entertainment filed an appeal against the opposition on the same day, both sides were tightly confronted.

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