In KBS Cool FM’Jung Eun-ji’s Song Plaza’ broadcast on December 9, rapper Ji-Jo and group EXO Kai appeared along with DJ Jeong Eun-ji.

On this day, Kai said, “I’m a new singer who has already made three debuts. Once with EXO, once with Super M, and recently debuted as a new solo singer. I will do my best to solve the quiz in front of the seniors here.” Revealed. Kai added, “I’m a very shy person today, but I will not be shy today. I am a newcomer. If you are a newcomer, you should work hard and not cover your face”

In addition, Kai said about the title track’Mmmh’ of his solo album’KAI’ released on November 30, “It’s a straight love song. It’s amazing and stuffy. It’s very addictive and I can’t listen to it only once.” Showed confidence.

Jizo asked, “There are six songs in Kai’s album. But since he showed strong performances and dances since his debut, I was looking forward to this again, but I chose R&B. I wonder if there is any special reason.”

Kai replied, “I chose R&B as the style of my favorite song. But even R&B has a lot of genres. I chose that composition because it doesn’t seem to be a problem when performing.”

Kai said, “In addition to the general music video, there is a video that made all six songs called’Film: Kai’ as a visualization performance. In the song’Nothing On Me,’ I wanted to express my anguish, so I wore white clothes and rolled on the dirt floor. He directed the appearance of getting dirty. In the song’Ride Or Die’, I wanted to express myself dancing on the stage, so I tried decorating it using Fedora items.”

Among them, an anecdote that Kai shed tears during a live broadcast on social media was mentioned. Kai said, “It’s been a long time since I was with the fans. So, there are a lot of memories piled up, but some of the fans left me in a letter as a letter.” I was touched and grateful for all the memories that came to my mind,” he said.

In the end, Kai said, “I want to tell you that the SAT ended a while ago. I want to tell you that you had a hard time, and those who have the exams in the future, I hope that you will do your best. I hope that you can see just as well as you prepared, not as much as you prepared.”

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