Minsori conducted an excellent interview with ‘entertainment artist’. 

In KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Artist Interview’ on October 10, Minsori studied filmography from his debut films ‘Peppermint Candy’ to ‘Oasis’, ‘Spy’, ‘Actress Today’, and new ‘Jurors’. 

In ‘Oasis’, which was released in 2002, he played an active role as a handicapped person. Moon shed a tear as he watched ‘Oasis’. He said, “Because I was an actress, I stopped appearing around. I wanted to finish with the end of the actor’s life. But thanks to it, I got a lot of rewards. I have no desire now. ” 

Minsori ‘s husband is director of the film’ 1987 ‘. He said, “It was when I was trying to have a baby, but I failed because I failed. One time, director Tae Yong Kim of “Manchu” comforted me and said, “Go to the hospital with director Jang Hun-jun.” Why do I go to director Jang Hun-jun and obstetrics? did. My husband is director Zhang Jun-hwan. ” 

Especially he watched the movie “Spy” and blinked his eyes. Moon Sori said, “It is time to give birth to a baby. It was hard to shoot because I wanted to see her too much. ” 

Moon Sohryi, who made his debut in ‘Peppermint Candy’ and his next work ‘Oasis’, followed ‘Spy’ with Sul Kyung-gu, He said, “It is not only legal but it is like a husband. When I meet with my husband and my sister, we are like a couple. My husband and I respect each other, “said Sung Kyung-gu. 

Moon Sori is about to open the movie “Jury”. The ‘jury’ who reconstructed the actual case of the public participation trial first introduced in Korea in 2008, is a film about how ordinary people who are jury in the first public participation trial find the truth of the case little by little in their own way . 

Moon So-ri was divided into Kim Joon-kyum, the judge of the first public participation trial. Park Hyung-sik started his first screen challenge as a junior entrepreneur Kwon Nam-woo. Moon Sori responded with a sense that it was Park Hyung Sik to the question, “Who is the most beautiful junior these days?” 

Then, “I became very familiar with Park Hyung Sik. I am not familiar with it. It was the first time the film was directed, and the director was a newcomer, Park Hyung-sik relied on me a lot. ” 

The movie “Jurors” will be released on the 15th of this month, which aims to raise expectations with fresh materials, interesting stories and trustworthy casts about Korea’s first public participation trial.

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