SBS ‘Jungle’s Law in Lost Island’ (‘The Law of Jungle’), which was broadcasted on the night of the 22nd, depicted members who are delighted to join Kim Byung-man.

Lee Seung-yoon and Yee-ri brought a suspicious roots in the forest, Lee suggested, “Is not this something I can eat?”

Lee Seung – yoon, who has tasted the taste, immediately said, “Do not eat it, it ‘s strange. But Huh Kyung-hwan and Song Jung-suk had already tasted it.

Soon three people complained of pain and rinsed their mouth with water. He said, “It is not painful to be angry, but it is a pain to stab your tongue with a needle.” The identity of the roots must have been cooked or cooked with Alocasia.

Lee Seung-yoon and Hyeong-hwan who spit without swallowing were soon fine, but Songwon Seok, who swallowed the juice, did not show any improvement.

“I had a pain in my mouth and my esophagus was painful,” he said.

When Songwon-seok got out of his life, Seung-yun Lee said, “It’s my insult. I had to look and eat.

On the other hand, as the night got deeper, it hit the thunder and the seawater came closer. The members fell into anxiety but prepared to sleep, “Let’s think about it once it’s asleep and when the water comes in.”

But then I found the Great King. The size of the members are all about the size of one. Kim had begun to catch the centipede, asking for an empty water bottle.

He said, “I have a good wife and I will come again,” he said. “Let ‘s loose in the distance,” he said.

The members who met the next day met Song Jung Suk who returned after healing. The members said, “Let’s eat something delicious today.” The second son of a swimmer also went out to sea.

But it was not easy to hunt on the strong waves. The members who failed to hunt so far have seen Kim Byeong – man who joined the survival while spending time in the survival area. Lee Seung-yun said, “I am going to tear” and “I came to my brother.”

Kim also brought ripe bananas, fish, and chunks as gifts. The members were thrilled that “the mind is set.”

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