KBS 2TV’s daily drama ‘Elegant Mother and Daughter’ (played by Oh Sang-hee, director Eo Su-sun), which aired on the 5th afternoon, contains Han Yu-jin (tea artist) who heard a shocking story.

On that day, Seolmihyang (Kim Bomi) told Seo Eunha (Jinsuwon), “You are a sinner to Miyeon. I will be punished and die.” Lee Eun-ha said, “I’ve already been punished. No, I’m still paying. For 30 years. Did you forget my daughter was kidnapped? Who do you think the killer is?”

At this time, Han Yu-jin, who went to search for the taste of Seolmi, listened to their conversation. Subsequently, Cha Mi-yeon appeared, and Seol-mi, who noticed it, began to flee. Denny Jung (Lee Hae-woon), who discovered Seolmi incense from the ossuary, quickly supported, and Hong In-cheol (Lee Hoon-bun) also arrived there.

Since then, the fight against Seo Eun-ha, Hong In-cheol, Denny Jung, and Cha Mi-yeon began. I’m going to take the taste of each other. However, Seolmi lost her mind and fell down for a while.

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