Park Jae-Bum “I want to inspire and inspire young friends”

Musician Park Jae-bum decorated the cover of the July issue of Esquire. July, 2017 cover It is only two years after shooting. He was more grown, mature, and hardened.

Recently, Park Jae Beom has been releasing the YouTube documentary ‘CHOSEN1’, which is an artist ‘s ten years’ journey, and is releasing the album ‘The Road Less Traveled’ and is consolidating its position as a musician.

Park Jae-bum is making a mystery with his lavish support for his label musician, which he represents, as well as actively performing songs with talented new musicians. Park Jae-bum said, “I know their heart. I’ve had rookies like them. At that time, ‘I want someone to reach out to me first or help me,’ I had never thought, “he revealed a deep inside.

When asked about the most memorable work of the last decade, he said that he was working in the United States recently and said it was the most wonderful and fresh thing that happened to him. “Actually, I did not think it would be a singer, rapper, and I think I dare to do all the things that happened to me from the start. However, I was overburdened by the American activities. It seemed like something happened to me that could not happen. ”

Musician Park Jae-bum, a representative of AOMG, Hier Music, signed the contract with Rock Nation, the first Asian rapper, led by Jay-Z. “Since I was a child, I’ve never seen anything like this. I never thought ‘this can be done’. If you do anything, I want to do it right. I do not want to be embarrassed. It’s still not easy to see the faces of Asian wrappers in the American hip-hop market, and I want to let you know that I’m working so hard and I’m slowly breaking down the walls in that area. I want to inspire and inspire my young friends who are dreaming my place. ”

As Esquire’s story behind the story, Park Jae-bum recently opened a hamburger shop on the street of Sinsa-dong and said he was very excited about the songs he’s working on and he likes it so much. Especially, he is working on a new song ahead of his first solo world tour concert, ‘J-Park 2019 sexy forever’.

the story of a musician, a CEO who leads two labels, and Park Jae-bum, who looks at a thirty-year-old young man, Jae-beom. More beautiful pictures of Park Jae Bum and a genuine interview can be found in the July 2019 edition of Esquire.

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