Park Sae-roy (Park Seo-joon) was depicted in the sixth episode of the JTBC gold drama ‘Itaewon Class’, which was broadcast on the 15th.

On that day, Joyser tried to stop Park Sae Loi and Osua’s kiss and take him. Park Sae-Roi said at his dinner party that his goal was a night-time franchise. Employees were determined but Ossua was puzzled by Park Saeroy’s vision.

Joyser tells Osua that he likes Park Saeroy and said, “” I had a psychiatric examination. There is someone who must have what they want. Anyone who interrupts will break anything, “he said.” I like my boss. ” 

Oh Sua said, “Well. I like the new. Do you know?” And Joyce warned, “I can’t help it. Sister, I’ll be broken.” Oh Sooah replied, “Try. Refreshing.”

Meanwhile, Joy Seo’s mother Jung Joo-min (Kim Yeo-jin) found that Joe did not even enroll. Cho Jung-min wrapped up Joy’s luggage and said, “You were so smart that you didn’t live like me.”

But Joyser said, “I’m different from my mom. I can achieve love and success. I won’t lean on other people’s dreams, and I won’t carry my dreams. It won’t take that long. I’m much better than my mother thought. “

When Joy meets Pak Loi that night, he asked, “Why didn’t you dry?” I think it might be. ” Joyser said, “It is comforting.”

Overnight Pocha had an interview with a full-time part-time student. Joyce picked Kim Tony (Chris Ryan). Joycer then made the appearance of ‘Best Pocha’. Joyser told Pak-Roi that he was happy, and Pak-Roi also informed Osua. Oh Sua said, “I was faithful to my life. You decided to keep living. I lived as a married person, and I will.”

Jang Geun-won (Bo An-hyun) and Park Sae-roy reunion at the program meeting. Jang Geun-won said he liked Oh Suah and also allowed Jang Dae-hee (Yoo Jae-myung). When Jang Geun-won said, “Which would you choose with your daughter-in-law,” said Park Sae-roy, “Well.  

Jang Geun-won called Osu, “I’m trying to figure out the theme of the baby. Don’t like the baby.” On the side of the ‘strongest pocha’, Park Sae Roi canceled his appearance. Park Saeroy recalled Jang Geun-won that he was having trouble in his company because of him.

Park Saeroy asked to walk with Joyce and encountered Ossu as he walked. Park Saeroy coldly turned to Soo-soo, and Joyser said, “Do you like it a lot?

Upon hearing this, Park Saeroy ran to Osua. Park Saeroy took the hands of Oh Sua and said, “I’m sorry. I’m selfish. I always thought about myself. I’m sorry to bother you. I’ll finish it. “

Park Saeroy contacted Lee and told him to invest all the funds in the fund in Zhangjiagang. Jang Dae-hee knew that Park Sae-Ro was on the list of shareholders. It was 1.9 billion won. 8 years ago, when Jang Geun-won plunged the stock price, Park Saeroy bought it. Since then, Dae Hee Jang Geun-won and Oh Sua appeared at night.

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