In the KBS2 entertainment program’Immortal Masterpiece’ aired on the evening of the 19th, singer Min Hae-kyung, Kim Tae-woo, Lim Jeong-hee, Min Woo-hyuk, Hwang Chi-yeol, Shin-yu, Na Tae-ju, Korean musicians Park Ae-ri and Nam Sang-il, band Mongni, Yuk Jung-wan band, Park Seo-jin, group ATEEZ, Foret Stella appeared and made a special feature of’The King of Kings’.

It was Mongni who set up the first stage on this day. Mongni is “the” Love Poem (Love Poem) ‘IU chose to contest the song “and there is a lyric that balhimyeo” “call it for you to walk an exceptionally long night,” this’ exceptionally long night. “Now as we look Since many people have been walking through the long nights due to Corona, I was selected with the heart that I hope you will receive comfort through this song.”

Then, a stage full of Mongni’s band sound unfolded, and Hwang Chi-Yeol commented, “If it came out in the second half, it would have been a championship. The arrangement was so good.”

However, Mongni’s challenge ended here. Min Woo-hyuk succeeded in earning 1 win by immediately winning against Mongni. Min Woo-hyuk showed off the stage of’Lee Deung-byeong’s Letter’ with an ensemble of 14 members, and applause continued on the stage as if watching a musical.

The third stage was decorated by ATEEZ with Seo Taiji’s’Haega’. ATEEZ showed off the essence of’Newtro’ and boasted a high-quality stage, and even Min Hae-kyung said, “If we watched the game with a voice in our time, it seems that our friends are all-round these days. Just by being together with our juniors, it makes sense that it is significant It was a stage,” he praised. Eventually, ATEEZ was one step closer to winning by winning against Min Woo-hyuk.

The next stage was decorated by Taeju Na. Tae-joo Na unfolded her stage with a’decision’ with the strong ambition of “I will eagerly tear down the stage in the sense of filial piety to my parents,” and added the fun of seeing the performance with Taekwondo combined. After seeing this, Bae Doo-hoon said, “I thought I connected the wire to the air at the end. It was incredibly shocking even when I saw it.” “I think it’s lazy.” In the end, Na Tae-ju won 1 victory over ATEEZ.

The opponent who will stand up to the performance of Nataeju is Yuk Jung-wan Band. The song selected by Yuk Jung-wan band was’About romance’. Yuk Jung-wan expressed his greed for the championship, saying, “We are going to have an exciting dance party.” Min Hae-kyung, who saw the stage with the deep emotion of the Yuk Jung-wan band, commented, “I think the music that shakes your body or your eyes is red is a real song. You did so well with excitement.” I think it showed properly,” he said. Thanks to the favorable reviews, Yuk Jung-wan band won the first division championship by defeating Tae-ju Na, who defeated ATEEZ.

The last stage of the first part was decorated by Park Ae-ri and Nam Sang-il. Park Ae-ri and Nam Sang-il said, “I selected’Oo Arirang’ and’My country, my people’,” and said, “At a time when it was difficult to get out and hold hands due to corona and fine dust, I came to think that our children are the most sad. The idea of ​​creating a stage with the children came out with the mind to create a brighter world, and with the nephew of Nam Sang-il, the son of the manager, the daughter of the main artist of’Gukak Hanmadang’, and the daughter of Aeri Park. I’m standing,” he explained.

However, Park Ae-ri and Nam Sang-il were unfortunately defeated by the Yuk Jung-wan band. The band Yuk Jung-wan was embarrassed, but held the trophy in her arms.

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