In MBC Every One ‘I’m Trot Singer,’ which was broadcast on the 12th, the second contest order of seven talented singers was decided.

On the day of the second contest, the stage began and MC Lee Duk-hwa appeared. Lee Duk-hwa said, “Today there is a dropout. So I feel a tense tension. Please watch till the end.”

The theme of the contest was a song to write sprinting myths. Park Gu Yoon, the first runner, visited the Korean idol Nam Sang Il before the stage. Park Gu-yun said, “I will unfold the Korean traditional music” and sang ‘Chilliapsan’. Park Guyun showed tears to the emotions that came.

The second stage is decorated with articles. The song Cho Cho chose was ‘Why Look Back’ by singer Yoon Bok-hee. “I really liked Yoon Bok-hee in my previous band days. I really wanted to sing this song.”

Article wrote, “I will do my best to save your song.” The article was meticulously prepared from stage preparation to rehearsal. 

Kim Yong-Im called Kim Su-hee’s ‘Lost Jung’. Kim Yong-im swept the stage with his powerful singing power. After the stage, Kim Yong-im said, “I thought only a song, but I lost my heart.”

Then Jang-gu, Park Seo-jin, appeared. Park Seojin chose Bangsil’s ‘first car’. Park Seo-jin, who met the arranger before the stage, said, “I wanted to feel like rock,” and began to practice the ensemble.

Park Seo-jin said, “I’m going to show off the performance of the jang performance. I danced twice and three times and it moved by itself.”

Park Seo-jin, who came to the stage, showed an explosion. Park Seojin overwhelmed the stage with not only dance but also janggu performances. “I can’t hear the applause,” he said, attracting audience response. As a result, the audience stood up and danced and enjoyed Park’s stage.

Next was the stage of gold grass. Goldgrass sang Lim Hee-sook’s ‘My One Person is Going’. Goldgrass was completely immersed in the song and showed tears. The audience responded with applause. Park Seojin saw the stage of the grass and praised, “I feel like I’m looking at the soul.”

Jung Jungmin was on stage. Cho Jung-min decorated the stage with ‘Small Roses’ by Shim Su-bong. Jo Jung-min practiced with his own specially arranged piano and songs.

The waiting room on the stage was full of applause. Kim Yong-im admired, “I’m holding my breath.” Jung Jung-min said, “I was grateful and happy to be able to play the stage.”

Next came the acknowledgment of the singer Park Hye-sin. Park Hye-Sin called Park In-soo’s ‘Spring Rain’. Park Hye-sin said in a pre-stage interview, “I will call you to reveal feelings.”

The audience showed tears in Park Hye-sin’s passion. In addition, Kim Yong-im, Jejojo, who was in the waiting room, applauded, “What on earth do you want to do next?”

The announcement was followed. Goldgrass, who is on the brink of dropping out, replied, “I had to blame myself for my poor grades. The article also expected Park Seo Jin to be number one.

Third place was article clause. “The article is higher than I thought,” he said. Park Gu-yun took fourth place. Park Seo-jin and Kim Yong-im came in first and second respectively. The fifth place was taken by Park Hye-sin. Park Hye-sin said, “I have to.”

Park Seo-jin said, “I want to thank my brother, Yun Yun. I want to give glory to my brother, who helped me when I was in trouble.”

The final loser was the mediator. Jung-min said, “I will do my best in the future.”

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