In MBC’s broadcast on March 23, ‘If I envy and lose’ (‘Envy’), actor Choi Song-hyun and pro-diver Lee Jae-han were pictured for the first time with Choi’s mother.

On this day, Choi Song-hyun prepared a place to introduce Lee Jae-han to her mother, and the two prepared for everything before going to the appointment. “I’m going to buy a navy suit today. Navy is the color that gives unlimited trust. ” When Lee Jae-han came out wearing a blue shirt and navy suit, Choi Song-hyun responded, “It’s so pretty.”

Lee Jae-han secretly prepared a surprise gift for his mother, secretly by Choi Song-hyun. At the flower shop, he took out his tablet PC, and there was a painting he drew. Choi Song-hyun was impressed by her boyfriend’s sincerity for herself and her mother, and showed tears saying, “Oh, I was a little grim today.” 

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