It is not easy for a person to have various moods.

But there is a technology that makes this possible, so that’s make-up.

Makeup is an indispensable element for singers who need to show different images every time on stage.

Especially, the mood changed completely according to makeup, and there is an idol called ‘human figure paper’.

When you are a min-mug, you will see a puppy-like “regular-wiggly” atmosphere, but if you make-up, you will introduce seven idols who emit a sexy atmosphere full of charisma.

1. EXO’s Baekhyun

Exo member Baek Hyun makes a 180-degree change according to makeup image.
When you lighten makeup, Baek Hyun gives a lovely feeling like a puppy.
But if you put on a lens and put on a thick makeup, you will get a lot of sexy charisma that you can not refuse.

2. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

The wisdom is a cool performance on stage and a perfect visual, but it gives a somewhat chic feel to it.
However, if you put makeup under the stage, it turns into a regular shape.
Especially the wise beauty that does not even draw eye line shines neatly.

3. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jenny, with both cute and sexy charms, has a variety of make-up appeal.
Mainly performing arts and everyday life, it boasts a very cute makeup.
On the stage, however, the sexy make-up that emphasizes eyes and lips makes men happy.

4. BTS’s Jimin

Ji-min is a typical idol on stage and below.
On the stage with the hairstyle that reveals the forehead, Jimin emits the charm of the “bad man” which is opposite to the usual cute image.

5. Chungha

Every time, stage, the strong charisma that emits a charming show also shows the charm of reversal according to makeup.
It is believable that both the usual and neat figure and the appearance on the stage are two people.

6. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon has no skin like her baby and she has an immaculate skin.
Like this baby usually boasts a pure look like a baby, but when you make a dark makeup, another pale yellow charm.

7. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

“Sen Sister” Hwaseon chestnut chestnut chestnut chestnut when the strong red lip comes out.
He draws a long line of eye line, which makes him feel unable to get along easily.
But when he puts on a light makeup, it feels like a simple rural girl feeling right at home.

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