Kim Jung-nam and Bruno had a unrequited confrontation around Kim Wan-sun.  

In Channel A’s ‘Icon Tact’ broadcast on the 23rd, Kim Jung-nam and Bruno appeared and confronted Kim Wan-sun, the protagonist of unrequited love. 

On that day, Kim Jung-nam said, “My sister is a 30-year unrequited love.” “The important thing is not the period. We went on a two-day, one-night trip in the program,” said Bruno.  

At this time, the protagonist Kim Wan-sun appeared. Kim Wan-sun first greeted Bruno with a hug. Then she greeted Kim Jung-nam. 

Kim Jung-nam and Bruno sat facing each other. Kim Jong-nam continued to talk with Kim Wan-sun, and then Bruno took off the dust on Kim Wan-sun’s pants and caught his eye. 

“What did you think when I confessed on the air,” Bruno asked. “It was so cute,” said Kim Wan-sun. Then Bruno asked, “How did you know that you were a fan of your sister?” “I think I knew it last year,” said Kim Wan-sun.

“I attended a concert as a special guest and performed 3 programs together,” said Kim Wan-seon.

On this day, Kim Jong-nam made tears while making eye contact with Kim Wan-sun. Haha, who saw this figure, exclaimed, “You shouldn’t cry here now.” “We have a lot of memories,” said Kim Wan-sun. Bruno also looked at Kim Wan-sun with sincere eyes. 

“It’s more important than I’ve met for a long time. I’m going to eat with me and have a glass of wine,” said Bruno. Kim Jung-nam said, “The peeling that Bruno talked about was less than a month. I felt the peeling 30 years ago. But then I couldn’t speak because it was dazzling. Let’s go eat with me today.” 

Wanwan Kim said, “I’m sorry for one person.” “I didn’t know if Bruno was thinking like this. It looked cute and pretty,” said Kim Wan-sun. 

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