In the MBC entertainment program aired on the afternoon of the 23rd, the couples Lee Won-il and Kim Yu-jin, Hong Seok-cheon, chef Lee Yeon-bok, and singer Kim Tae-woo appeared in Lee Won-il and Kim Yu-jin’s couple.

On this day, Lee Won-il and Yujin Kim prepared a place to invite and thank people for a meal before marriage. The first person to appear was Lee Yeon-bok. Lee Yeon-bok said, “I’m worried about how long I will feel when I’m feeling so good.”

When Yujin Kim PD said, “If you don’t have two, you won’t fight, but if you are away, you will fight.”

Subsequently, Hong Seok-cheon appeared. Lee Won-il expressed his appreciation for Hong Seok-cheon. Lee Won-il said, “You brought me out of my cooking to the broadcast.” Seokcheon Hong said, “They send a wedding invitation without thinking about my feelings.”

Finally, Taewoo Kim appeared. Lee Won-il praised Kim Tae-woo by saying, “Kim Tae-woo contacted his wife every time he moved.” Then PD Yoojin Kim suddenly said, “Won Il is so.”

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