Henry “Now the wheel … I will go the way I want to go.

Henry’s July issue pictorial was released.

Henry, who made a new team and sang songs for a long time, has also transformed his style. Bold colors and silhouette costumes showed a different aspect.

picture showed positive thoughts and aspirations for change. “I thought it would be all right if I wore what I was comfortable with. I can now feel that I can express something with my clothes. Depending on what clothes you wear, people are different. It is not expensive and good clothes, but even strange clothes, it seems to be the right answer if you want to express it. “” And now I have all my options. I want to take responsibility. I’ve got the steering wheel, so I want to go as good as I want to go. ”

Henry’s pictures and interviews can be found in the July issue of Baja and on the website Instagram.

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