On the 25th, the entertainment program ‘Heart Signal Season 3’ was broadcast for the first time. Singer Lee Sang-min, songwriter Kim Ina, psychiatrist Yang Jae-woong, actor Yoon Si-yoon, model Han Hye-jin, and singer Pio brought freshness to the studio.

On this day, Lee Sang-min asked the new panel, “It’s not love.” Then, Yun Si-yun replied, “I know a lot of pain in love.” Hyejin Han also added, “It is a style that everyone knows.”

In particular, Pio, a fan of ‘Heart Signal’, was criticized by panelists for “Lee Gyu-bin” for the cast. He continued, “I supported Oh Young-joo and Lee Gyu-bin.”

On the other hand, Yoon Si-yoon released the event tip and took the position of predictive leader by revealing the appearance of ‘love king’. He also showed remarkable abilities for ‘interpreting female speech’. Pio, on the other hand, occupied the last and laughed.

Soon the first meeting of the cast was revealed. Among them, when Park Ji-hyun appeared, the male performers were all nervous. In this regard, Kim Inna praised it as “everybody’s favorite type.

Afterwards, the male and female cast members spent a harmonious time visiting the house together. After that, the cast who went out to prepare meals. Suddenly, Cheon In-woo washed the knife and cut it to surprise everyone. Jeongui-dong said, “You have to be careful.” Then Park Ji-hyun pulled the band out of the bag and showed a delicate appearance.

The night was getting darker and the cast cast their first impressions. First, Cheon In-woo and Park Ji-hyun chose each other. Jeongui-dong chose Park Ji-hyun. On the other hand, Seo Min-jae chose Im Han-gyeol. Lee Ga-Hyun chose Chun In-Woo. And everybody speculated that Im Han-gyeol would have chosen Park Ji-hyun, but Lim Han-gyeol chose Lee Ga-hoen.

‘Heart Signal 3 is a reality program that contains the thumb of’ man and woman these days’, which is more drama-like than drama.

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