On this day, MC Shin Ye-eun asked Seoi-sook, “I was told that you like compliments.” Seo Yi-suk replied to Seo Ye-eun, “Do you like praise?” 

Seoi-suk said, “Everybody likes to compliment. Everyone says they don’t read comments, but they do see all of them.” 

Jo Se-ho asked, “I usually say that you enjoy talking with others.” In response, Seoi-sook said, “It is not a back story, it is an evaluation of the surroundings. It is an evaluation of acting. When I see junior actors, my acting has increased a lot. Now I am talking about going on an actor’s path.”

Wednesday seoyisuk IU has pulled the actor had with Lee, Ji – Eun drama “Hotel del Luna ‘most impressive actor. “Ji-eun’s acting is different when she plays. It was a very happy actor while playing together.” 

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