On the 12th, JTBC’s ‘Hanki Suki Show’ featured In Kyo-jin and Ryu Soo-young to challenge one meal in Yeonhee-dong, Seodaemun-gu.

The broadcast was decorated with ‘wife’ Soi-hyun and Park Ha-sun, who appeared in the 3rd anniversary of the ‘Hanki show’ last October. The MCs asked the two if they had any know-how passed on to them by their wives. Ingyojin said, “Even if you do not know me not to be embarrassed or disappointed.” I felt urgent to do it. ” Ryu Soo-young, on the other hand, expressed confidence that he seemed to believe in me.

Ryu Soo-young’s self-confidence is deeply related to Yeonhui-dong. He lived in Yeonhee-dong before he married Park Ha-sun, and he is now in Yeonhee-dong.

Ryu Soo-young, who is famous for having excellent cooking skills in various aspects such as Korean food, Western food, and baking, showed a humble appearance, saying, “I like it, I can’t do it well.” He also said that he would feed Park Hae-sun every weekend. He smiled shyly, saying, “My wife likes it when I cook it.”

On this day, the faculty responded to the question of whether it helps a lot of parenting. The question of whether it was difficult to raise children or acting was “I’m really good because I’m here,” so I couldn’t hide my smile. In Kyo-jin also believed in herself and challenged to dive and thought of a successful daughter and smiled happily. Ryu Soo-young listened to this, “Daughters believe so much. My daughter is stepping on me.”

On the other hand, Ryu Soo-young caught the eye with the seasoned mackerel and mackerel for the first time as a comrade. Ryu Su-young and Lee Kyoung-kyu’s team succeeded in communicating 100% each time they pressed the bell. In addition, they seemed to have an effect on the ‘Amulet of Success’ watch that they paid attention to, and they succeeded in one meal before In Kyo-Gang-Ho-Dong.

The place where Ryu Soo-young and Lee Kyeong-kyu succeeded in one meal was the house where the chefs and their daughters lived together. Lee’s son-in-law’s son-in-law laughed and said, “Are you aware of it?” And Ryu Soo-young was not surprised by the fact that the house where he pressed Bell was Lee’s house.

However, the chef’s daughter, Lee, worried about the exposure of the children to the broadcast, expressed the burden of shooting, and finally Ryu Soo-young and Lee Kyung-kyu challenged again.

Meanwhile, In Kyo-jin and Kang Ho-dong succeeded in one challenge. They visited the home of Mr. Trout actor Cha Su-bin. Cha Su-bin, who was unsuccessfully eliminated from ‘Mr Trot’ due to a housework mistake, was a rookie who had only debuted for a year, but his passion for trot was extraordinary. “I played baseball since I was young and I ended my dream with an eye injury. I didn’t have any dreams or goals until I trot,” he said.

Cha Su-bin also overcame the lyrics mistake by re-songing in front of the ‘Hanki Show’ camera. Ingyojin remembered his obscurity, “I’m trembling to death, but I’m just going to ‘do somehow.’ But soon, “Some people say that marriage has saved you. They have saved the dying embers.”

Cha Soo-bin’s parents, who actively support and support their son who became a trot singer, said, “I’m so happy that you’ve cheered me to be good at the ‘Hanki Show’.”

Ryu Soo-young and Lee Kyeong-kyu, who had been wandering for a long time after failing their first challenge, succeeded dramatically in one Chinese home. In addition, Ryu Soo-young admired her amazing cooking skills as she finished the parsley, herb soup and stewed mackerel.

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