Actor Han Ji Min’s authentic performance will once again attract viewers.

The first MBC drama “Spring Night” (a play by Kim Il Eun / director Ahn Chang Seok), which will be broadcasted on the 22nd, is a romance drama full of hopes that both men and women are searching for love.

As the first broadcast nears, the expectation index of prospective viewers is getting thicker day by day. One of them, Han Ji-min (Lee Jung-in), has a curiosity about the new long-after image in viewers’ hearts with some emotions and expressive power.

In this photo, a photograph of Han Ji-min sitting in a grieving expression is caught, and the emotional line of Lee Jung-in is drawn in the drama. She has not been naked as she has returned from the end of the movie. She is in serious trouble in a dimly lit room where no fire has lit up.

In particular, he is attracted by his knees and is full of anxious eyes, while his hands are wrapped around his face and exhale deeply. He is the one who caused the wave of Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min) I am wondering what the identity is.

‘Spring Night’ will be broadcasted at 9 pm on the 22nd.

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