Actor Ji-min Han showed off his eight-color charm by digesting the rap from the mouth to the rap.

Han Ji-min appeared as a guest on MBC Radio FM4U’s’Noon’s Hope Song Kim Shin-young’, which aired on the afternoon of the 9th.

On this day, Ji-min Han greeted him, saying, “This is my first time to Sangam MBC. Han Ji-min, who recently appeared on MBC’s’Point of Omniscient Intervention’, said, “After shooting, I was worried about whether I would have fun or going out, but it was because you worked hard with editing and Hyeon-hee Hong prepared so much. .

He continued, “I went out to promote the movie, but after the broadcast, only Han Ji-min’s mask and other things were listed in the search term,” he said. “Now everyone knows where to eat hot dogs and tteokbokki together,” he laughed.

In the drama’Dazzle’, the two characters themselves showed a loving meeting, so many people looked at it as a character chemistry, but I didn’t know that we would meet again. “The director suggested at the end of’Dazzle’. We did it because we wanted to be able to fill in the parts we were disappointed with again.”

In addition, when both people shed tears at the’Joe’ production presentation, “Nam Joo-hyuk stood up and was embarrassed, and why did he do this. But it was contagious and I did that too. I cried, but after I ended, I said, “Why did you do that?”

Han Ji-min emphasized the difference between’Joe’ and the original, “I tried not to take responsibility for the breakup, so the loving process was contained a little more delicately.”

Han Ji-min laughed at the modifier’Meloquin’, saying, “Is that so, what are you doing in reality?” Next, about Melo, “Mello is really important for the other actors and breathing.” It is difficult to make eye contact for a long time, but that breathing is important,” he explained.

Han Ji-min, who picked HOT’s’Light’ as the song requested on this day, said, “I liked HOT itself at that time, especially when I listen to’Light’, and the lyrics are hopeful.” I chose it as a means of cheering that I wish I had anticipation for the future.”

Han Ji-min, who swept the Best Actress Award that year with the movie’Miss Back’, said, “At that time, I was very busy and I was also filming a drama. I thought I was really happy after passing, but at the time I was just too happy and didn’t know that feeling, and it passed. I accepted it as a time when the actor’s life was shining, but nothing has changed significantly,” he said. He added, “A lot of scripts are waiting, and they are not pouring out.”

Han Ji-min, who previously showed Seo Tae-ji’s’Haega’ rap, caught the attention by showing off the rap on the spot. In particular, the rap lyrics of’Haega’ were perfectly digested and aroused admiration.

Meanwhile, Han Ji-min will appear in the movie’Joe’, which will be released on the 10th.

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