On the 22nd broadcast TVN ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ (hereafter “Knotto”), Han Hye Jin and Kyu Hyun, the new members of “The Witch Tour” appeared.

Kyu-hyun said, “It’s Kyu-hyun Super Junior who first appeared in” Knotto. ” Then, Han Hye-jin said, “I came out to promote ‘more woven tour’.

Han Hye-jin said, “I am a bitch, so I am worried because I am going to write a dictation.” On the other hand, Kyuhyun was proud of himself as Jodal ears.

He said, “When I build choruses and chords while working with composers, once I have heard it, I do it right away. 

However, “I have a little bit worried about ear infections,” he laughed nusle laugh.

The main character in the first round was TVXQ. The members of ‘Knotto’ boasted their own appearance because they have a subsidiary company like TVXQ.

However, Kyu-hyun asked, “I hear only ballads and ballads,” and I was worried about the title song.

The first problem was ‘Why’ of TVXQ. From the beginning, the members who were in the temple were hollow. Especially Han Hye-jin, “It’s too fast, there is a problem.” It was embarrassed and laughed.

Gyu-hyun, who seemed to notice his performance by singing songs directly, said, “Wait a minute.” Kyu-hyun continued to struggle to think of the lyrics, saying, “I can not catch this, and it’s a big day.” Han Hye-jin, who listened to this, said, “Cho Kyu-hyun is going to be noisy.”

Han Hye – jin ‘s first challenge, which he challenged, eventually failed. Since then, Pio, who has seen the hint of Hangul, has begun to perceive it as ‘crystal-like minds.’

And Kyu-hyun went to the secondary school, but he also had to fail. Eventually, the members went on to collect hints and listen to the third, and Shin Dong-yeop’s third attempt succeeded.

Kyu Hyun called “Changmin ah!” And celebrated success.

Snack games were followed. The members continued their challenge to earn a skewer while proceeding with a face-off quiz. The members met each other in turn, and Han Hye-jin, Shin Dong-yeop and Kim Dong-hyun were left as the final three. Han Hye-jin gave a bad answer, and Shin Dong-yeop showed the correct answer.

While Han Hye – jin and Kim Dong – hyun remained, the last question was Han Hye – jin. At the end of many wrong answers, Han Hye-jin succeeded in acquiring a skewer of fish cake by correcting the answer.

In the second round, the song was ‘# # First Love’ on adolescence.

After finishing the first hearing, members’ aids were opened one by one. Pio had two consecutive wins and was expected to play. Boom said, “I have a hint that ‘there is a coined word from’ Dad, somewhere ‘.

So Hyeri referred to “why” and when the number of characters was not right, Pio was confident of “why not”. So, Kyu-hyun tried to make a first attempt but he had to get a pop-up right away.

In the second attempt, Han Hye-jin came out and succeeded. Han Hye – jin was happy with his success and danced with his legs, and all the members finished eating the stir – fry.

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