he first love she had long waited in front of her eyes. 

On the first episode of tvN broadcast on the afternoon of the 23rd, it was depicted that Jung Hae-in (Hewon Station), Chae Soo-bin (Han Seo-woo Station), and Lee Ha-na (Moon Soon-ho Station) were woven in a somewhat unusual relationship.  

On this day, ‘Haeban’ Jeong Hae-in introduced a new artificial intelligence device under development with Kim Jung-woo (Kim Hoon). However, Kim Jung-woo blamed Jeong Hae-in for saying, “Your personality and feelings? There is no choice. It is a pattern of individual feelings. Jeong Hae-in revealed that he would not give up by saying, “The device finds it for himself.” 

‘Haeban’ Jeong Hae-in, walking on the road, stopped walking to the sound of a piano leaking from a building. The main character of the studio is Chae Soo-bin. Chae Soo-bin is a classical recording engineer. These two people met for the first time. Chae Soo-bin said, “I asked the building owner to get out of Donok and take out the recording studio.” 

When Jung Hae-in tried to get out of the studio door, the device he was developing began to sing. Jeong Hae-in sang again, and there was no answer. But suddenly it rained with a thunderstorm, and the device responded that it was “lightning, noisy.” 

In particular, when Jung Hae-in mentioned anecdotes and his first love, Park Joo-hyun (Kim Ji-soo), which he had in his childhood, the device recalled the memories of that time by saying, “The name given by the index is ‘the afternoon like a night’.” Jeong Hae-in immediately found Kim Jung-woo, and the device spoke to Kim Jung-woo. I found the reaction point of the machine.

‘Haeban’ Jung Hae-in met Lee Ha-na and asked for one thing. First love to meet Park Joo-hyun. Lee Ha-na said, “Would you like to meet Kim Ji-su?” Then Jeong Hae-in introduced Chae Soo-bin, saying, “It’s not a metaphor. It seems like I’m going to hit it.” 

Lee Ha-na managed to manage the recording studio where Chae Su-bin worked. Lee Ha-na, who introduced herself to Chae Soo-bin as a “new manager,” said he could continue operating the recording studio. In particular, Lee Ha-na said to Chae Soo-bin, “Please buy me a bowl,” and she met the seller of the bowl. 

Chae Soo-bin was contacted by the seller of the dish while eating dinner. He said, “It’s nothing. The only person I see for the first time has climbed a hill, but came in like a weird digging.” 

‘Haeban’ Jeong Hae-in studied Chae Soo-bin’s recording studio and studied device sound until 4 am every day. Then one day, two people met in the recording studio. Because I didn’t even know the sun was rising, I worked all night. Jeong Hae-in said, “I’ve forgotten to clean up and go,” and started cleaning. Chae Soo-bin said, “I go to work every morning at 8 o’clock. 

Chae Soo-bin, a ‘ban-ban-ban’, visited the garden at the request of Lee Ha-na, and then had a conversation with Jeong Hae-in’s device. The device responded while talking to himself. Chae Soo-bin said, “Who is it?” And said, “Why are you hiding? Come out and tell me.” But the existence of the device was not noticed. 

Chae Soo-bin met Jeong Hae-in in the recording studio. As soon as I heard Jung Hae-in’s voice, Chae Soo-bin discovered that it was similar to the device voice. He said, “I think I heard a similar voice. I couldn’t see my face because I was hiding.” He asked, “How long have you been in the recording studio yesterday?” 

Jeong Hae-in realized that Chae Soo-bin had a conversation with her device. He said to Jung-Woo Kim, “It was strange that I had no conversation other than you and me.” 

Chae Soo-bin was asked to record the voice of Joo-hyun Park by Lee Ha-na. He met Park Joo-hyun again as an excuse to purchase additional bowls. Jeong Hae-in was passing by in time. He saw his first love, Park Joo-hyun, through the window. Jeong Hae-in was in tears. 

Chae Soo-bin, the ‘anti-class’, brought Park Joo-hyun to her recording studio. Chae Soo-bin recorded the voice of Joo-hyun Park at the request of Lee Ha-na. The two became close friends while recording a bowl and voice. Chae Soo-bin texted Park Ju-hyun a shipping address to receive additional containers. However, as soon as he saw the address, Park Joo-hyun recalled Jeong Hae-in. Park Joo-hyun told Chae Su-bin, “Is it the House of Representatives? Is this all done by the House?” 

Chae Soo-bin did not know the name of Hae-in Jeong. “I don’t know who the House of Representatives is,” said Park Joo-hyun, “the address you sent me. I only know the house and me.” Then Park Joo-hyun said, “It doesn’t make any sense. I became sensitive.” 

Chae Soo-bin, a class member of the class, told Jeong Hae-in, who had entered the recording studio earlier, about the House and Park Joo-hyun. He asked Jung Hae-in for help. Jung Hae-in remembered Park Joo-hyun by saying, “Would you like to let them meet? If you met for a while and they were having trouble,” he said, “That’s theirs.” 

Eventually, Chae Soo-bin decided to connect Jeong Hae-in and Park Joo-hyun. However, Park Joo-hyun, who was waiting for Chae Soo-bin, ran away after seeing Jung Hae-in coming in from the cafe. After watching this, Jung Hae-in followed Park Joo-hyun. 

Park Joo-hyun called Chae Su-bin and explained why he was avoiding Jeong Hae-in by saying, “I think I saw someone.

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