Gong Hyeong-jin asked Yoon Jung-soo’s question, “Isn’t there been a late talk?” “It was happening, but my favorite junior was hacked into a cell phone.” Said. “

He said, “My junior said, ‘I went to my brother’s phone.’ So I said I shouldn’t go over. I asked him to report it without saying a request.” I wasn’t the one who lived that cowardly. “

Looking at Gong Hyeong-jin, Kim Su-mi said, “There is a saying that if you pick up the fertilization of ‘Myeongsimbogam’, you will end up in one day and go 100 days. It’s better to pass cold rather than react too hot.”

On that day, Gong Hyeong-jin calmly said, “No one has called me.” Then, Kim Soomi added, “If there is a problem between the actor and the production team, Hyungjin will represent the actor’s position. But we are in a position to be chosen. But even though we knew that Hyungjin was losing money, he did the job fairly.”

When work disappeared, misfortune came to Gong Hyeong-jin. My mother had colon cancer in May 2018. “I discovered and operated as early as luck, and my mother recovered,” said Gong Hyeong-jin. “My father recovered, but a blackout came and fell on the stairs of the hospital. A brain hemorrhage has resulted in a skull fracture.”

The hospital told me to prepare my heart, but my father miraculously woke up in 100 days. Gong Hyeong-jin said, “I noticed people and only 4 weeks of memory disappeared. Doctors also had to report to the academia.”

He said, “It was a person who cursed when it was called a panic disorder. But I met in the room on December 31, last year, and I wasn’t breathing. I showered with cold water every day, but I was constantly looking at the sky and God, please save me.” I recalled.

As for why he suffered from panic disorder, Gong Hyeong-jin said, “Where do we go, the public likes it, entertains us, finds it out, and doesn’t love it? But we’ve been pushing too much for the past two and a half years. “It’s here.”

One man who came to mind in life’s crisis was his father. When asked, “What is your father doing?” Gong Hyeong-jin replied, “I was the president of a securities company and then resigned.” He said, “My grandfather’s education policy was diligent sincerity, and he lived a life keeping it. For me, he is the biggest mentor, teacher, and supporter.”

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