On March 3, MBC’s monthly drama ‘Gob Man and Woman 2’, a sexual harassment offender, Jin Seong-cheol (Choi Kyu-hwan), met with the victim,

EunSol (Jung Yoo Mi) began questioning Jin Seong-cheol, who was arrested in an emergency. The victim was reported to be in a state of brain death and said, “From now on, we are attempting to kill, not injury.” Jin Sungcheol exercised his right to remain silent and asked me to call a lawyer.

At this time, Doji Han (Oh Man Seok) entered the investigation room. “When this is attempted murder, the problem is very different,” said Dojijan. However, the perpetrator said, “I did not do anything.

Dozieh smiled, saying, “The truth is revealed when it comes later.”

Dozieh said, “This is not going to be the case,” Eunsol replied, “I am not tired.” Dozieh Han said, “It is not easy to be a lawyer, but I know a pro.” Jang Sung-chul’s lawyer Kang Hyun (Park Eun-seok) appeared.

During the trial, Kang Hyun asked for the court of Baek Beom (Jae Jae Young) as a witness. Baekbeom testified that “I can not rule out the possibility of self-harm caused by myself,” which made SNSOL embarrassed.

Silver Sol “100% Are you confident?” Asked. “I do not have 100% forensic science,” Baek said.

In the end, Jin Seong-cheol received a bail permit. Jin Sungcheol said to Dojan, “Is it over now?”

Eunsol began to investigate the house of the victim river beautiful.

Baekbeom went to Incheon late on a business trip. It was related to drug smuggling.

While Baekbum was doing the autopsy, a drug trafficking gangster carried a gun. When he threatened to “follow the ship quickly,” Baekbum said, “I think he heard a drug.” Baekbum broke the belly of the body. But no drugs were found. The boss showed up and told his men to handle the crime. So Baekbeom gave time to find drugs.

The head of the investigation received a definitive report on the case of Jin Seong-cheol through reporters. The director, who wanted to be a star, said that Jinsung Chul was going to be a big case for the case.

Baekbeom did not find the drug in time, and eventually took his life and ate the drugs the gangsters gave him.

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