Seo Hyun pictorial, interview was revealed.

Girls’ Generation member and actor Seo Hyun recently showed a different concept in the filming with Zekyou Korea.

In the interview, Seo Hyun asked, “How did you keep the form without a single problem for 12 years after your debut?” “Since I was a child, I was the youngest girl, and I thought I should not do it here. It is said to be the sun.

He said, “But after I realized that I could handle myself well without having to get involved in the rules, I was able to take some strength off my shoulders.”

Seohyun said, “When I get stressed, I like to play punching machines and shooting and speeding, so I drive on a open-air car.” “I want to run on the open-air car even if I am a grandmother.”

“I want to live what I want to do now, even if I say whatever I want to do.” Open-car is also open all the time, and who knows what?

Seo Hyun said, “I want to be a strong actor like Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Hye-soo.” I want to work too much right now. He said, “The country has met a new world, and I want to find a new self,” said Seo Hyun, who is also an actor and singer.

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