In the KBS 2TV tree drama ‘Forest,’ which aired on the afternoon of the 5th, Kang San-hyuk (Park, Hae-jin), the head of Redline Investment, overheared a conversation with the ex-boyfriend of Young-jae Hospital surgeon Chung Young-jae. Jeong Young-jae had parted with his boyfriend’s wishes.

Kang San-hyuk and Jung Young-jae met again at the presidential plaque of the prestigious university hospital. The younger son-in-law of the chairman was Chung’s ex-boyfriend. At the time when Jung Young-jae was embarrassed, ‘Sung-sung University Hospital VVIP’ Kang San-hyuk appeared.

He greeted the chairman and introduced Jung Young-jae, a surgeon who is providing medical services at Miyeong Hospital. He lives in the same house with me. In particular, Kang made him think of his relationship with Chung Young-jae as his fiancé. Kang San-hyuk said, “We should get married now. We are going to do it.”

Afterwards, Jung Jae-jae, “Is crazy. What are you doing. Didn’t you fiancée?” Kang Sanhyuk said, “Singleism or not. Will not fit the marriage. Each one separately.” Jung Young-jae said, “I’m kidding now. It’s funny because it’s someone’s job. I don’t even think about my position in the hospital.”

Kang San-hyuk said, “Is it because of the man?”

Two people happened to live in one house. Chung returned home late at night and cried out to Kang San Hyuk, “What do you think people didn’t know? Why should I use you?” Kang Young-hyuk said, “Do not take it seriously. If you pass it lightly, it is better for you.”

Then Jung Young-jae said, “It’s so easy to buy. I have so many things. It’s all funny. You never know. The woman who took my man. Said. Kang San-hyuk said, “I didn’t take a man, but might be a person who took away trash.”

At the end of the broadcast, Jung Young-jae looked at Kang San Hyuk in Miyeong Forest and said, “Would you like to meet? We have nothing to do.” It is noted how these relationships will continue at age.

Meanwhile, ‘Forest’ is a drama about a man who has everything except his heart (Parkin) and a woman who has lost everything (Zo Boa) meets in a mysterious forest to dig out the secret of himself and the forest. It will be broadcast every Wednesday at 10 pm on Thursday.

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