On the afternoon of the 19th, KBS 2TV ‘Forest’ (play script Ando Ha, directed by Kim Hui) accused Kang Shin-hyuk (Park Hae-jin) of collecting all the evidence. 

Taesung Group’s Kwon Joo-han was arrested for arson, and the trial continued to testify to residents who were physically injured by heavy metals. Choi Jung-mok, who appeared next, said that he had to live and have a few days left, so I made a forest fire on Miryongsan 25 years ago. It is said that Kwon Joo-han gives money. Said. 

The videotape of the fire scene, taken by Kwon Joo-han, was released as evidence, and the image of Kang Shin-hyuk and his brother Mountain standing in the flames crying as they were. Kang Shin-hyuk, struggling to hold his fists and holding his hand, and Jeong Young-jae, holding his hand, couldn’t hide his surprised expression. 

Youngjae, who came home, said to his father, “Your biological parents were actually trying to save you. Take a good look at your memories. When I went to save you, you were still breathing in the backseat that wasn’t filled with water. The car window is so open that I wouldn’t have rescued you if it had been opened from the beginning, which means that the car window was opened later. 

“No, it’s a story my dad didn’t know. Apparently I’m …” My father handed me a picture saying, “There are traces on the palm of your body when you open the car window. You made the wrong choice for a moment, but they tried to save you.” Jeong Young-jae said, “No, I don’t know, I don’t know.” I couldn’t resist crying when I saw the pictures I passed.

Jeong Young-jae headed for the valley. “Even so, I can’t forgive. I can’t forgive my daughter, but there’s something I want to tell you as a doctor. Mom and Dad. In the next world, I’ll be born as two mothers. I’ll show the world that the door is waiting, ”said Young-jae, who cried, and soon began to enter the valley with his shoes on. 

Young-jae Jung overcomes the fear of water and starts to float slowly on the water. Jung Young-jae, approaching Kang Shin-hyuk, waiting outside the water, said, “I saved me.”

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